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Congratulations! You completed the 3:16 JumpStart Program!
Now What? Watch this video message from Dr. Coker and Joan Coker to find out!

Watch the Video or read the transcript to see what you can do Beyond the 90-Day 3:16 JumpStart Program!

Video Transcript:

Congratulations on completing the JumpStart Program!

Joan and I are so humbled that you welcomed us into your lives for the last 90 days and we want to thank you for giving us that opportunity. We know there is a ton of information out there online and lots of advice being offered, but it can be difficult to take that information and put it into a useful plan. Especially one that you can manage on your own and stay diligent at. I mean information is great, but we wanted to give you a PLAN, more like a map….so you could turn it into usable information that wouldn’t be overwhelming. We didn’t just want to teach you how to heal a leaky gut for instance, but help you understand how to make having a healthy gut become a lifestyle; a habit that you could practice in daily life. But we also wanted to just ingrain in you that you can’t isolate any part of the body and expect good results…the whole body has to be addressed. The JumpStart program was created to lay a foundation of health that you could build upon forever. We also wanted to give you HOPE…that your body can heal, and assure you that you are more than just a lab value and a set of symptoms….

One of the questions we’ve been asked is, “What do I do after the 90 days?”

When we launched the JumpStart Program we knew we wanted to provide much more beyond the 90 days.
It wouldn’t make sense to just quit after all the hard work you’ve put into laying down this amazing nutritional foundation…

Obviously your body doesn’t stop needing all the good food and nutrients you’ve been spoiling it with over the last 90 days. And obviously you wouldn’t want to just toss aside all the progress you’ve made and the good habits you’ve laid down.
no…We know you’ll never stop looking for solutions and we definitely want to help you find them.

That’s why we created the 3:16 Active Program which is an ongoing continuation of the JumpStart program. This will move you forward into more advanced strategies for healing on a more personalized level. We will help you safely start to add in other foods like coffee, and other things that were not allowed on the JumpStart program. Also, if you’re still having trouble losing weight, we’ll take you through some more advanced weight loss strategies.

You can think of the 3:16 Active membership kind of like Amazon Prime for your health.

First off, as a member of the 3:16 Active Program you’ll get free shipping on anything you order from our online shop, plus deep discounts on all supplements as well as lab tests.

But we’re going way beyond all of that to provide the step by step instructions you are used to for new advanced health strategies so you are never overwhelmed, but you’ll be able to add to everything you’ve learned about yourself in the JumpStart Program. You’ll still be able to email us anytime to ask questions and interact with our team on a personal level. You’ll continue to have access to our Members Area on the website so you can get to all the recipes and documents on there, and You’ll still get support from us and like minded peers on Facebook where it’s safe to post personal questions and get the encouragement that you need on tough days, as well as to be the encourager for those that need it.

As a member of the 3:16 Active Program, you’ll continue with email driven protocols that will be step by step, as well as help provide motivation and encouragement to stay the course.

Some of those emails will include advanced protocols that will teach you how to effectively use a variety of fasting techniques that are easy to do but highly effective in resetting the immune system, heal the gut and dramatically boost weight loss.

We’ll also provide advance brain strategies to improve memory, brain fog, brain plasticity, Increasing the brain-gut connection, ways to increase nitric oxide levels, understand how the brain impacts the liver, thyroid and gut. As well as ongoing strategies to decrease the impact Stress has on the Brain.

You’ll also receive Ongoing tools to support blood sugar levels which continue to impact the brain thereby impacting the everything else.
Now that you’ve laid down a strong nutritional foundation and have had a great impact on your immune system we’ll be building upon that foundation with advanced strategies to further boost your immune system.

We’ll discuss the dangers of EMF’s on your body and simple strategies to combat them.

We will also Wrap up the detoxing your home series…we’ll help you tackle the kitchen, bedroom, laundry room, and living spaces.

You’ll get Continued support and accountability on Facebook, be an encourager and helper to others, in a private group where it’s safe to ask questions.

The membership also includes timely webinars packed with additional education and implementation strategies, like getting through holidays, how to stay healthy on vacation, and we’ll also dive deep into the many different triggers that impact thyroid, cellular inflammation, gut damage, liver congestion and adrenal fatigue, such as poor dental health, Heavy metals, environmental toxins and so much more.

You’ll also be able to Restart the 90 day JumpStart program whenever you want to. This alone, we have found to be a huge benefit to so many people because we all fall down sometimes and get off track. I can’t tell you how many times a patient has called me and said, “I fell off the wagon and now I feel terrible again…what do I do?” and my answer is almost always, “Let’s get back to the basics.” So that starts with the 3:16 JumpStart Program. So there is huge value in that.

You’ll also have the ability to grow with us…as someone who’s dealing with Hashimoto’s, and raising up 8 kids, as well as the continuing education we do, we will never stop learning more and will always be eager to share it all with you.

So here’s the reason we want you to join today.

Right now, if you were to look at our program offerings on the website you’ll see the 3:16 Active Program available for $77/mo…

As we add new features to the membership, obviously we’ll be raising the price, but since you have already completed the 3:16 JumpStart Program we want give you an exclusive opportunity to get all the benefits of the 3:16 Active Program for only $27/month…

Yep, Only $27/month

With the option to cancel at any time.

That’s a 65% savings…and that’s not just the first month.

That price will never change if you jump on this today and stay an active member.

So, this is a great time to lock in your membership at an unbelievable price for an amazing amount of value so don’t wait you can lock in your membership right now and cancel anytime you want.
There are no contracts.
And there’s absolutely no risk so you just can’t lose.
Besides, we would hate to say goodbye to you!
So stay with us!
And keep building on the health and knowledge that you’ve already achieved.
We would be honored to be a part of that process, and we’ll look forward to seeing your health continue to improve over the coming days, months and years.
God Bless!
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